Sponsor a Buffalo – Save a Life

The American Bison is the national mammal of the United States and is also one of the most important animal symbols of Native Americans. Your sponsorship can Save a Bison from being slaughtered. Bisons are “Near Threaten” of Extinction and referred to as “Ecologically Extinct”. Survivors of the last Ice Age, bisons are sacred to the Native Americans because they are a symbol of the strength, determination, and sacrifice. Once numbering 30-60 million in North America, now there are only 30,000 bisons in the wild. However, there are 500,000 held captive by the meat industry. Our goal is to free 50% (250,000 individuals) held in captivity and repopulate them in the wild through your sponsorship of their freedom. First, we want to save and free the 600 Bisons at Standing Rock from being slaughtered. Join Us!


——— Why Save the Buffalo? ———

There is about 1500 American Bison (buffalo) near the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe on the Cannonball Ranch (Dakota Access Pipeline owned)  and 400 have been purchased by slaughter houses and ranchers on January 7, 2017. Now, there are still 1,100 remaining from that herd. This is the same herd from the Buffalo Nation (Tatanka Oyate) that mysteriously appeared on October 28, 2016, to support the Water Protectors during a tense stand-off with the Dakota Access Pipeline military forces. We want to save these buffaloes from being slaughtered and going to ranches for the meat market. Their new home will be in newly built COOP Buffaloes Sanctuaries and in buffalo research institutes managed by the sponsors.We envision the Bison we purchase from the auction will be used to create a series of Buffalo Wildlife Sanctuaries, including a Buffalo Institute, a White Buffalo Assembly Building to unify 1000 indigenous nations through Free Nations United to Heal Our Mother Earth (like the United Nations), a Healing Center, a Tourism Program, a Green Economy, and other facilities. We will be working with the buffalo experts, tribal councils, spiritual leaders, and international preservation organizations to assist in the effort. The location of the Buffalo Wildlife Sanctuary is still undetermined, but possibly at Standing Rock. We don’t have much time. #nodapl #waterislife

We hope to free this bison going to auction along with freeing up to 50% of the 500,000 bisons held captive by the meat industry for slaughter. Freeing the buffaloes will help fulfill the prophecy of the Red Road.

You can sponsor the freedom of the buffaloes by supporting our campaign any way you can, including sharing the Save the Buffalo post with friends, help fundraise, making donations, supporting the Water is Life Campaign and buying our fundraising products.

——— Freeing Humanity? ———


The curtain in the WIZARD OF OZ has been open by the conflict at Standing Rock and the corruption is pretty ugly. The corruption goes deeper that that because corruption has been built into the system. We need to change the system!

The same Extractive Economy that is driving the Dakota Access Pipeline, is also the same forces the extraction of Bison from the wild for slaughter and the same forces that are extracting Native Americans lives from their sovereign land. The Extractive Economy also extracts our time and life energy to be enslaved to benefit the 1%. We call the Extractive Economy the Dead Economy because it will kill all the fresh water, kill Mother Earth and destroy many lives.

Saving the Buffalo will help us create a new Post-Extractive Economy. We call this the Living Economy where new wealth is generated by caring for Mother Earth and caring for one another.

——— What is the American Bison? ———


Tatanka Oyate means the Buffalo Nation in the Sioux language. Tatanka Oyate may also be referred to Tatanka Iyotake (1831-1890), better known as Sitting Bull, medicine man and leader of the Hunkpapa Sioux. The buffalo represents the spirit of the Red Nations on Turtle Island (North America). The Red Nations are also called Indigenous Nations, Indian Nations, and Indian Tribes.

The North American Bison is the largest land animal in North America weight around 2000 pounds (1000 kg). Prior to European contact, there were between 30 to 60 million buffaloes. Coinciding with the genocide of the indigenous peoples by the Europeans, the Bison were indiscriminately slaughtered by the Europeans and by the colonial governments in order to starve the Indians into submission in order to steal their land. Also, it was a way to break the treaties and keep the Native Americans within the boundary of reserves by eliminating their hunting rights, so the industry can build railroads, oil pipelines, fracking, mining, real estate and forestry.

Now there are only 30,000 bisons left in the wild. The population of wild Bison has been reduced by 99.95%. However, there is still hope of increasing the Bison population because another 500,000 Bison is being held as prisoners of war by ranchers for meat production. We cannot blame the ranchers because our current economic system does not see wildlife as having any value.

The Save the Buffalo Nation Campaign is to free the Bison held in captivity and restore them to the wild under the protection of the Mother Earth Trust’s “World Heritage Sanctuary Program”.

See the endangered species list on your right. Learn more >

——— Is the Buffalo Nation Worth Saving? ———

Before the arrival of the Europeans to Turtle Island (North America), there was an estimated 30,000,000 to 60,000,000 American Bison that lived on the land. Due to the slaughter and capture of the Bison by the Europeans at the turn of the century, in was reduced to only 98 Bison left in the wild. Thanks to conservation efforts, now there are 30,000 Bison in the wild.

The Bison was deliberately killed by both U.S. and Canadian governments in order to cut off Native American’s food supply; by starving the Native Americans, their land could be more easily stolen and exploited.

Indigenous cultures believe that the buffalo (known as Tatanka Oyate – Buffalo Nation) is a sacred animal. From time immemorial the Native Americans regarded the Spiritual Path of the Buffalo to mean the Red Road. This is the road of spirituality, living in harmony with Mother Earth and recognizing the interconnectedness of all things. The Great Sioux Nation refer to this interconnection as “All My Relations”, signifying that our actions affect and are related to the Earth and everything that exists in it.The buffalo is also a symbol of sacrifice, as the buffalo give their lives to provide food, shelter, and clothing. Native Americans maintain a strong spiritual connection with the buffalo, including waiting for the return of the White Buffalo Half-Calf Woman.

As a gift from the Great Spirit, they also believe that as long as buffalo roam free, and as long as herds are bountiful, the sovereignty of indigenous people will remain strong.

According to prophecy if we can free the buffaloes, we also free the indigenous peoples. Standing Rock has become an international movement of the rights of Mother Earth, human rights and the sovereignty of indigenous nations. There is a spirit of connection that is taking place between “All Our Relations” at Standing Rock including the buffalo is a big part of what represents the Red Road.


——— COOP Buffalo Sanctuaries ———


The red circles on the map are possible locations for the buffalo sanctuaries. The best option is the have the buffalo sanctuaries in the same locations where they roamed free.The Save the Buffalo Nation Campaign is not only an innovative campaign to free the buffaloes at Standing Rock, but also to free 50% of the buffaloes across Turtle Island (North America). This campaign will also bring greater freedom to the Great Sioux Nation and to Standing Rock, bring greater freedom and justice for Indigenous Nations, save our Mother Earth and also create a new Red Road for humanity.

We will be creating Buffalo Sanctuaries all across Turtle Island (North America). The Save the Buffalo Nation Campaign will be one of the largest conservation programs in the world.

It is our hope that these COOP Buffalo Sanctuaries will become a template to setup similar wildlife sanctuaries across the world to save the elephants, the mountain gorillas and other species that are threatened and endangered of extinction. The COOP will be managed by the people of the world and connect them back to nature. The COOP includes voting rights and join decisions using a direct democracy voting system built into the Mother Earth Network (using blockchain technology).

The Buffalo Sanctuaries will also become a refuge for freshwater, forest, fauna and other wildlife. With your contribution, we are planting the seed not only to Save the Buffalo but to Save Mother Earth.


 The goal of the Save the Buffalo Nation Campaign is to release 50% (250,000 Bison) held in ranches back into the wild over the next 5 years, under the protection of the World Heritage Sanctuary Program.

Depending on the success and the number of people participating in the rescue operation, it is our hope we can reach our goal.

We need to buy the Bison, acquire land and build research facilities to preserve the Bison for future generations. This may seem like a daunting figure, but we believe that this can be done by running a new parallel economic system call the Living Economy based on caring for Mother Earth and caring for one another.