Sponsor a Buffalo – Save a Life


——— Standing Rock Buffalo Rescue ———

We are raising funds to Save the Buffalo. This is the same herd of Buffaloes that appeared on Oct. 28, 2016, to protect the water protectors at Standing Rock. See description below:

Date: January 7, 2017
Animal: American Bison (Plain Bison)
Sale: Public Auction – Selfridge, North Dakota
Purpose: Meat Production
Number Available: 400 to 1,000 (Estimate)
Owners: Cannonball Ranch/Bar33, Fischer Ranch, and others
Description: Breeding Bulls, Bred Cows, Open Cows, Bred Heifers, Yearling Bulls and Heifers and 2016 Calves.
History This is the same herd that appeared on Oct. 28, 2016 to protect the water protectors at Standing Rock.
Rescue Plan: Once we purchase the Buffaloes, we will move them to ranches to be taken care of by experience Bison ranchers from Jan to October 2017. During the Spring and Summer we will be acquiring land for the Buffalo Sanctuary and building fences. We plan to move the Buffaloes into the new COOP Buffalo Sanctuary by the Fall of 2017.

———Goal of the Save the Buffalo Nation Campaign ———


The goal of the Save the Buffalo Nation Campaign is to release 50% (250,000 Bison) held in ranches back into the wild over the next 5 years, under the protection of the World Heritage Sanctuary Program.Depending on the success and the number of people participating in the rescue operation, it is our hope we can reach our goal.

We need to buy the Bison, acquire land and build research facilities to preserve the Bison for future generations. This may seem like a daunting figure, but we believe that this can be done by running a new parallel economic system call the Living Economy based on caring for Mother Earth and caring for one another.

———The Master Plan to Save the Buffalo Nation ———


We plan to create Buffalo World Heritage Sanctuaries all across North America. Here is our plan:1. Crowd-funding (Indiegogo): For the short term funding, we will use crowd-source funding to acquire the initial bison needed to get started with the Buffalo World Heritage Sanctuaries. The bison in the wildlife sanctuaries is structured as a global COOP (Cooperative) Wildlife Sanctuary, whereby the people of the world will sponsor (adopt) the herd of bison to protect. The sponsorship (adoption) of the bison will provide additional protection using private property laws.

2. Tourist Destination: The Buffalo World Heritage Sanctuaries will be designed to attract tourists to see the bison in order to have self-generating revenue. It will include a Spiritual and Learning Center for people to connect to indigenous spirituality, language, culture, and traditions. It will also contain an Indian Village to see how Native Americans lived in the olden days.

3. Assembly Building for the Gathering of Nations: The best stewards of the bison and of Mother Earth are the Native American themselves. Native Americans need to be strong economically, socially, and politically in order for them to exercise their sovereignty to protect the bison and Mother Earth. Therefore we will unify 500 million indigenous nations into a force for positive change. The sovereign unity organization is called “Free Nations United to Heal Our Mother Earth” (acronym Free Nations)

The first Tatanka Oyate World Heritage Sanctuary will contain an assembly building to create a permanent gathering of Free Nations, which will be designed to host an assembly of 1,000 Free Nations (Sovereign Indigenous Nations) structured like the United Nations. This building will be for the Western door of Turtle Island.

4. Buffalo Institute: The Buffalo Institute is the dream of Chief Avrol Lookinghorse, 19th Generation Keeper of the Half-Calf Buffalo Pipe. The Buffalo Institute will include research facilities for the propagation, care, and breeding of bison. This will allow the size of the buffalo herds to grow at a faster rate.

5. Buffalo Wellness Center: The Wellness Center is also the vision of Chief Avrol Lookinghorse. The Buffalo Wellness Center will be a health care facility combining tradition medicines, energy medicines, and modern medicines to provide the best care for all patients with a focus on the citizens of Free Nations. Mother Earth Trust are humanitarians. How can we take care of the bison and not take care of the stewards of Mother Earth?

6. Alleviating Poverty: The indigenous people are one of the poorest in North America and live in third world conditions. The Pine Ridge Reservation near Standing Rock is known as the poorest place in the United States. Mother Earth Trust hopes to provide a World Basic Income via a new currency call the Earth Dollar to the indigenous peoples protecting the bison. To create a Post-Extractive Economy, we will be introducing a new sovereign currency call the Earth Dollar that generates new wealth by caring for Mother Earth and caring for one another.